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As a founder member of the GIE PURE ZONE – invested in tackling biofilms* proliferation - GSDI strongly takes action to fight against microbial proliferation in high-risk environments, notably the agro-food industry (food factories, food shops, restaurants).

In this context, GSDI took part to the International Food Factory Conference on October 19th-21st that questioned on the issue of hygiene in food factories both scientific health and hygiene experts along with professionals of the food industry (control of pathogens and biofilms, food safety, hygienic design, use of biocides, etc.)

* Biofilms act as containers of micro-organisms able to adhere to surfaces and to secrete a protective matrix diminishing the efficiency of cleaning and disinfection procedures. Biofilms are responsible of cross-contamination of food, and in France, account for almost 40% of foodborne illness.


GSDI intended to pursue this thinking by co-organizing, along with the ISPAIA (Higher Institute of Animal Productions and Agri-food Industries), on December 8th a Technical Day at the Saint-Brieuc Zoopole. It aimed to reinforce synergies between players of the sector and to support sanitary innovation in the food processing factory.

Encountering a great success, the event gathered about a hundred participants. A plus was definitely that the colloquiums, held by professionals of the sector, focused on practical applications of the innovative products. To learn more about these issues, see the programm.

In this context, GSDI presented the PURE ZONE antimicrobial film, that perfectly answers to the practical issues raised. Used for the refurbishment of production workshops, this coating - limiting the bacterial proliferation between two cleaning and disinfection protocols - ensures hygiene standards and compliance with the regulations.

Thanks to its numerous properties the adhesive PURE ZONE film is easy to applicate (no interruption of activity), easy to use (hydrophobic, non-porous, homogenous) and easy to maintain (washable, replaceable, recoverable).


Lastly, given the importance to ensure to urban dwellers safe and clean living spaces, the antimicrobial film is a relevant solution with multiple potential applications outside of the agro-food sector.

Its potential is consequently similar to the antistain film, already widely used by many clients of GSDI in publics spaces, buildings and transports. And so, the antimicrobial film is interesting for a wide panel of players concerned by the hygiene issue, from hostels to museums and subways.