Trade and distribution

Shops, restaurants and shopping centers are meeting places for encounters and pleasure for city dwellers. Living spaces that we always want to be greater, more welcoming and, of course, safer.


The architectural quality, the design, the environment and atmosphere must contribute to make those areas attractive and turn them into vectors of communication for brands. However, risks of degradation are common, (graffiti on façade, tags on shop windows or even broken windows, increasing number of break-ins), potentially dangerous for customers and repairs can be costly. Moreover, in food businesses, risks of bacterial infection are real. Solar radiation through window panes, shop windows or bay windows may create discomfort or harmful effects: excessive heat, glare, discolored goods on display, etc.   Attractiveness in businesses depends on comfort, cleanliness and safety as well as any decorative aspect or communication. To meet all your protection needs (facades, shop windows, goods and customers) as well as your communication needs (signings, events, promotions) or decoration needs (spaces renovation, furniture relooking),** we can offer you innovative, economic and ecological solutions, easy to set up and involving few constraints undertaken outside the opening hours.** Whether you are a shopping center manager, merchant, store marketing manager, office designer or architect firm manager, do not hesitate to contact us.