GSDI, official film-coater of Cital in Annaba

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Confident in GSDI’s film application skills, CITAL - ALSTOM’s subsidiary in Algeria - choose the group to conduct the lamination of the tramways manufactured in its factory of Annaba. Opened since May 2015, its purpose is to create the tram units destined to Constantine, Oran, Sidi-Bel-Abbes and Ouargla.

A choice driven by GSDI’s experience as the group is familiar with both international establishments and the particularities of film application on public transport vehicles.

Indeed, its partnerships and contracts with the French SNCF and RATP (public transport operators) led GSDI to develop an expertise in rolling stock decoration as well as in the protection of these surfaces. A process relying mainly on adhesive films treated with anti-scuff, anti-graffiti, and anti-stain properties, but also on graffiti cleaning (green products) and steel or glass polishing.


In this context, GSDI has set up a subsidiary in Algeria in the form of an application team. Directly located in the Annaba factory its role is to ensure CITAL’s support on the original equipment markets.

Moreover, beyond the coating of new tram units, this team, along others - located in various maintenance workshops in Alger, Oran, Constantine (etc.) – will take in charge the whole maintenance of the tram lines, including those of Alger and Oran that were delivered in 2010 and 2013.