To solve a too high light intensity issue in the "frigidarium" of the Museum of Cluny, National Museum for Middle Ages - equipped with 4 large windows -, one of the museum's curator turned to GSDI.


Already mobilised a few years ago in the same temporary exhibition hall for an other issue relating to privacy frosted film, GSDI had to adapt to new demands.


Beyond the technical difficulty linked to the preservation of pedestals' statues nearby walls, the Museum of Cluny's board, wished for a non-permanent occultation solution in order to protect the works of art soon to be displayed in an exhibition dedicated to glass objects - "Glass, the inventive Middle-Ages" - from September 20, 2017 to January 8, 2018.

In the end, GSDI suggested two types of removable fabrics, usually used in the manufacture of blinds. Colors and technical characteristics were approved by the Museum's board. We also requested the intervention of a professionnal - already a partner of the Museum - to implement a specific scaffold, needed to reach the windows at 10 meters high above the ground.


Precut and tailored for the 100m² window panes, the fabcrics were then directly secured to the windows' metal frame, thanks to magnets.

A removable and reusable solution that will allow the Museum to get the fabrics down thanks to a rope system once the exhibition is over.

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