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When responding to a call for tenders concerning the glass façade of the Council of the European Union in Brussels, GSDI faced a challenging situation: the complex includes several six to eight storey buildings arranged around several courtyards, and houses representatives of 28 Member-States. All together, more than 12000m² of surface to be coated in record time and under strict surveillance.

Project planning lasted for fourteen month, orchestrated together with building a technical and security department. Preparation was based on building plans. Tests in situ were organized. A multilingual expert and a works foreman participated in weekly site meetings and finally specific safety training sessions were held not only because of the site’s high security and safety constraints but due to European regulatory requirements and those of the 28 State-members. Specific security clearances were necessary to allow our teams who were working in areas reserved to other countries’ delegations.

This challenge was met in 14 months by a GSDI’s team which composed of six technicians only.