Buildings and public spaces

Confronted by the test of time, use, spaces and rolling stock are damaged on a daily basis (graffiti, acid tags, scratches).


Preventing incivilities, keeping public spaces clean, protecting building facades or equipment from graffiti and degradation helps make urban areas more pleasant to live in.   In spaces open to the public and especially “sensitive” buildings such as embassies, banks, museums, canteens, or nurseries, schools, hospitals, the issue of building and equipment preservation is coupled with safety and comfort concerns. Preventing the spread of bacteria and bad odors, minimizing the risks in case of an explosion or reinforcing security by the mean of specific anti-break-in protection has become a major issue for public space managers, as well as building and equipment maintenance, and interior design.   For twenty years, we have worked with major institutions, public space managers, communities, designers, in order to identify their protection needs (persons or property) as well as accommodation and decoration requirements (renovation of spaces, furniture relooking…) and communication (signing, events management…). Contact us to find out about our innovative, economic, ecological and easy to implement solutions.